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NIFTY50 Promo FAQ's


Hello lovelies,

This FAQ should be able to answer all of your burning questions regarding this promo code, so please make sure you’ve read through it before you email us!



Q: When does the promo finish?

 A: The promo finishes Monday 31/07/2017 Wednesday 02/08/2017 at midday GMT


Q: How do I get the promotion?

A: Please apply the code 'NIFTY50' in the promo code box at the checkout and press 'apply', making sure you are signed in to your Collectif account first. The code will not work after the dates stated above, and it will not work if you are not logged into your Collectif account.


Q: What does the promotion apply to?

A: The promotion applies to all clothing (excluding DandyLife), even sale items! Excludes all accessories and shoes.


Q: Can I buy Gift Vouchers during this promo period? 

A: Unfortunately gift vouchers are not included in the promotion, however you can purchase them as normal.


Q: What time does the promo start/end in my country?

 A: Trust us, Google is your friend :)  


Q: Why is the website slow? 

A: Imagine all of the other lovely ladies across the world who are also trying to place their order! Please bear in mind - the more windows you have open, the harder our server will have to work. Please please PLEASE use one tab only in your browser, as this will optimise everyone’s experience on the website! Our servers are always under a lot of pressure during promotions, so please be patient. We are working to make the website as efficient as possible, we promise!


Q: I forgot to apply the code to my order before checking out. Can you refund me the difference?

A: Unfortunately this promo code cannot be applied retrospectively. You are however welcome to place another order with the promo code, and return the first order once received as per our Returns Policy. 


Q: I can't see the item I want to buy- where has it gone?

A:  The item you were looking for might have run out, as all stock is limited! We do not have any stock in our warehouse that is not available online so please don't call us to ask for anything that you can't see online. 


Q: I didn’t change my address at the checkout, but I did on PayPal. Will you be able to send my order to my PayPal address?

A: The only way your postal address comes through to our system is by our website admin. Please make sure that when placing your order, that your shipping address is correct on our website. We receive absolutely no information at all from PayPal about addresses, so please bear this in mind when pressing that ‘Confirm Order’ button! If the address is not correct at the time of order, we will not be able to make changes to this so please do double check everything.


Q: I’ve ordered the wrong size/colour/style! What can I do?

 A: As we’re sure you can imagine, we will be extremely busy here at head office during the promotion period and we will be unable to amend orders after they have been processed. Please make sure that you check your order before you complete it!  


Q: I’ve just found something else that I want to buy, but I’ve already placed my order! What can I do?

A: Unfortunately we cannot amend orders in any way once they have been completed. This includes adding items to your order. If you can imagine, our team handle all the orders here in one place, and sifting through hundreds and hundreds of orders to find one to amend is a nearly impossible task.  This will also slow down the entire processing stage of getting everything sent out- meaning you (and everyone else) will have to wait longer! If you wish to add anything, please make another order.


Q: I have an already existing code/E-Wallet credit. Can I use this in conjunction with the promo code?

 A: Other promo codes will not be valid in conjunction of this promotion. We are sorry! However you can use any E-Wallet credit you may have in your account for an order using this code.


Q: I really want [enter item here] but it’s not showing as ‘in stock’ on your website!

 A: All items online are the items that we have available. If the item is not there, unfortunately we do not have it in our warehouse.


Q: I am a wholesale customer. Can I use this promotion?

A: This offer applies to retail customers only. Unfortunately the promotion will not work on your order if you are a wholesale customer.


Q: I emailed you earlier but you haven’t responded to me. Why?

A: Please be patient with emails, we will be responding to lots of emails per day. We are in the office Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. We answer every single email we receive, so please don’t worry - you WILL be replied to, but do take into consideration that this can take some time. Please make sure that you are emailing us at shop@collectif.co.uk, this is the only email which we will receive queries to. 


Q: I sent you a message on Facebook about my order. Why haven’t you replied?  

A: We are only able to answer questions regarding orders via Email. We will tell you the same on Facebook when we reply to you- please send all enquiries to shop@collectif.co.uk


Q: Help! I need sizing advice. What do I do?  

A: Have you had a look at our brand new sizing chart and universal size converter? It’s on the ‘size guide’ tab on every single product on our website, and it features measurements, and conversions, wherever you are in the world.


Q: The item that I bought in the promo doesn’t fit/I don’t like it. Can I return it?

 A: Our returns policy applies to all items bought in our promotion. Should you wish to return your item, please make sure it complies to this returns policy (see the ‘Delivery and Returns’ information within the helpdesk).

Please note that orders placed during a sale will be refunded/credited to the value of the item at the time of purchase. Eg: if you paid £50 for a dress which is usually £100, you will be refunded/credited the £50 you paid.


Q: Why is my return taking so long?

A: We will be seriously snowed under with work during the promo period. Please bear this in mind - as stated on our returns policy, you should allow up to 14 working days for your return to be processed. With a higher volume of orders being sent out, there will be a higher volume of returns.


Q: Why haven't I received my order yet?

A: We have a dedicated team working tirelessly to get your orders out but during busy promo periods this will take longer than usual. During extremely busy periods our processing time may increase to a maximum of 14 working days


Q: I need my order for a very specific date- can you send it out so I receive it in time? 

A: We will send out your orders as soon as possible but please bear in mind we will be seriously inundated with orders. With this, we cannot confirm the exact delivery date of your order. We aim to send out all orders a quickly as possible.  Please order with lots of time to spare, as we have no control over how long orders will take to get to you. 


Q: Why have I not been sent a dispatch note?

 A: Our UK mainland customers will receive a notification from our courier service, DPD. Our international customers will receive a notification directly from us, which will contain a tracking number for your order. Alternatively  you can check the status of your order within your online account. 


Q: Why have I received an email from DPD informing me that my delivery has been delayed due to my parcel not being handed over by Collectif?

A: With the current courier delivery service that we use for mainland UK orders, DPD will send a customer notification of dispatch as soon as a shipping label has been printed, regardless of the time of day at which this was processed (and whether or not the day's DPD collection has already happened). This can of course cause confusion if a parcel is then not dispatched with a DPD courier until the next day's collection, and would be why you then received a notification that your parcel was delayed. You will receive further updates from DPD with a delivery slot when they have received your parcel. 


Q:What happens if my item is out of stock?

A: As so many orders come in during the promotion sometimes people can order the same item at the same time for the last piece. If an item is out of stock on your order, we will send out the rest of your order and automatically issue you with a refund and send out the rest of your order. We will email you also, to notify you. If your whole order is out of stock, we will email you to inform you and refund you in full.