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Woman Crush Wednesdays

Woman crush Wednesdays
Miss Amy May

We’re back again with women who inspire us and this week we are joined by the fabulous Miss Amy May! We adore her vintage style and we’re totally envious of her wardrobe!

1. Hi Amy, we are totally inspired by you! Who is your biggest inspiration? (You can pick more than one if its too hard to choose!)
Oh wow! Well, the past couple of years I’ve honestly been so inspired by every person who has stood up tall and spoken out about the many injustices in the world, whether that be political or social. More specifically and closer to home, it’s every woman in my life, because they are all so strong, so smart, and downright hilarious. Being surrounded by kickarse women who know what they want and what they’re capable of (ie. everything) fills me with vast wonder and joy!


2. Name your top 3 must-haves from this season.
Excluding the obvious loves that I’ve already blogged about, I adore the Carmella Polka Dot Mesh Swing Dress, the green Veronica heels and the Giselle Palm Print Swing Dress.

3. What shoe style would you love to see in future by Lulu Hun?
I love flats that have a very small block heel or internal elevated heel, just a 1/2 inch or so to give a little natural and comfortable lift through the foot rather than being completely flat, so I would love a gold twinkly special occasion flat made with that in mind. I also would not be opposed to seeing the Tatiana fur boots from this past winter return in burgundy and camel colourways, you know, since you’re asking 😉


4. What is your go-to vintage hair style?
Wetsetting my hair in pincurls/rollers overnight and then brushing them out into a nice vintage set is my easiest and most reliable hairstyle. The second you ask me to attempt rolls or updos I swear I get hot with stress!


5. If you could design your dream Collectif dress what would it look like?
The Jemima dress in plain black with no buttons and a deep squared off neckline. There would be mesh/sheer 3/4 length bishop sleeves featuring either polka dots or black floral appliqués. Obviously, it would still have pockets and a matching notched belt, obbbbbviously.

6. We know you love to get crafty! Have you got any more DIY projects coming up soon? Which was your favourite to create?
My red bedazzled shoes will always be my favourite craft project I think, although I was very pleased with myself for getting around to making my own Weasley jumper after years of wanting one. Lately I’ve been thinking I’d like to try my hand at making a Juliet cap/half hat, but having zero experience with millinery I’ve so far managed to hold myself back from that no-doubt difficult endeavour.

7. Pick your favourite – Floral prints or polka dots?

8. Have you got any habits that you just can’t break?
I’m terrible at putting things away immediately once I’m done using them. I always leave things hanging around for a while and inevitably have to have a little burst of tidying to put things back where they belong.

9. How would you describe your style?
1950s inspired but updated for modern convenience and my own laziness.

10.  Lastly, what was the last TV show you watched that you found really moving?
Grey’s Anatomy makes me cry regularly, but the most moving show overall that I’ve been watching lately is probably This Is Us. I think every single episode made me cry, as it’s both lovely but often bittersweet.

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