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Woman Crush Wednesdays – Yazzmin Newell

Woman Crush Wednesdays
♡ Yazzmin Newell ♡

Its that time of the week where we get in touch with wonderful, inspirational women that we have had the pleasure of working alongside again! This week’s Woman Crush Wednesdays features a Q&A with our multi-talented model –  Yazzmin Newell, where we talk acting, dancing, musical instruments and Collectif clothing of course! To discover more about Yazzmin and why she inspires us here at Collectif, keep on reading! 

1.You’re one of our fabulous catalogue models for us here at Collectif and have worn wear many of our pieces. What would you say were your top three favourite items from this season?
YN: That is a tough question! I adore the Everly Maxi Gown. It’s quite different for Collectif and it’s so beautiful and elegant. The Collectif X ModCloth Akiko Palm Print Jumpsuit is amazing. The
material is so soft and flowing. I feel like a boss Lady when I wear it! Hehe. Finally, I love the Mahina Tropical Bird Playsuit. It’s so stylish and cute and the print and colour is gorgeous!

2. You’re well traveled and have been to many exciting places. Where are you jetting off to this year?
YN: Yes! I’ve been very lucky to have traveled a lot due to my work. I don’t have any set in stone destinations at the moment, but the most probable destinations are Nigeria for a show and The USA!

3. What kind of pieces would you love to see in the future from Collectif?
YN:  This is probably a little impractical, but more fabulous red carpet gowns! I love epic long dresses! I have some beautiful long dresses from Collectif but I want more! Haha.

4. Do you play any musical instruments?
YN: Yes! I play the trumpet. Unfortunately it’s taken a back seat recently but I still come back to it. I also play some different types of percussion found within a Samba band.

5. We hear you are also a dancer for Brazilian fantasy and the outfits are stunning! Do you have a favourite costume and how long have you been dancing for?
YN: Yes I am! I have been dancing Samba for around 8-9 years and absolutely love it! The costumes are so epic. I have two of my own, one is a gladiator style and that will always be my favourite. Brazilian Fantasy have the most amazing costumes though. My favourite is one of the new ones which is green and pink and has a huge headdress! It looks so incredible!

6. How would you describe your style?
YN: Eclectic. I have so many different tastes and depending on how I feel is how I choose to dress myself. I might feel edgy, or girly or vintage or urban and modern! It’s more fun when you’re not restricted.

7. We know you are also an actress, could you tell us how you discovered your passion for this?
YN: I had always loved acting, from being at school, but it took a back seat for a long time as my music was at the forefront. As I began modelling I thought it would be a good idea to go and do some acting classes. I found some beginner classes and something just sparked in me! I applied to one of the best drama schools in the world and got accepted!

8. Which vintage fashion era was your favourite and why?
YN: For me, it has to be 50s. I adore pencil/ wiggle dresses. They suit my figure and they just looks so fabulous! I also love the creative hair styles including victory rolls and Hollywood waves.

9. If you could appear in any television show, what would it be and why?
YN: Black Mirror. Hands down. I have been obsessed with that show since it came out. The actors are always brilliant and of course the writing. The stories are so dark, but also relatable and as they are set in the not-too-distant-future, it makes the show even more scary to watch. I love it!

10. What do you think of our first Bridal collection?
YN: I adore it! When I’ve looked up vintage style wedding dresses before, they are usually only short swing dresses, so it’s nice to have more variety and choice as well as still having shorter dresses for those who prefer them. I love the flowers and embellishments. You guys have done such a great job with your first collection and I can’t wait to see even more!


Thank you Yazzmin for participating in our Woman Crush Wednesday segment and for continuing to inspire us! Please join us next week for more Q&A features of fabulous ladies.

Love the Collectif team

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