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Woman Crush Wednesdays – Twiggy Braindead

♡ Twiggy Braindead ♡

Its that time of the week where we get in touch with wonderful, inspirational women that we have had the pleasure of working alongside again! This week’s Woman Crush Wednesdays features a Q&A with the beautiful Twiggy Braindead – one of our beautiful and talented influencers! To discover more about Twiggy Braindead and why she inspires us here at Collectif, keep on reading!1. Your make-up skills are incredible! When did you first start developing your skills and what was the first look you made?
TB: I was always in love with colorful makeup but I was way too shy to actually use it. Around 2013 I got my hands on my first Sugarpill palette and those beautiful bright shadows inspired and motivated me so much that I started working on my skills like crazy. My first real look was a Michael Hussar inspired piece.

2. We see you are inspired by characters from comics, anime and films. Are there any character looks you would love to create in the future?
TB: Oh yes! I would really love to finish my Sailor Moon series and do some looks based on my favorite gaming characters (Yennefer from The Witcher for example)

3. How would you describe your aesthetic?
TB: Good question! I can’t really decide on one aesthetic. I do whatever I feel like doing. This can be something cute anime inspired, a gruesome horror inspired look or a simple everyday look.
That’s what I love about makeup. I can change into everything I like, I am not bound to a certain aesthetic. Unfortunately I don’t have that much time on my hands so I have to be patient!

4. We hear you are a big fan of Collectif! What are your top 3 picks from our spring and summer collection?
TB: Hell yes,I am! My favorites are – The Bright and Beautiful Tina Tropical Paradise Kimono Dress (so pretty), Caterina Pineapple Swing Dress (so cute and perfect for a vacation)
and the Flora Occasion Swing Dress (so elegant and girly!)

5. What do you love most about Collectif?
Vintage clothing is always very very elegant, sometimes even too elegant for everyday life. I love that Collectif has so many beautiful pieces that I can also wear in my everyday life and still feel super pretty without it being too much!

6. What was your favourite look you created?
TB: That’s really hard to say since I put a lot of heart and time into my looks. But if I had to choose one I would say the CrimsonBride look. The straight lines took me forever and I am still so happy with the outcome.

7. If you could design a dress for Collectif what would it feature?
TB: I know it’s pretty obvious that I would say that but I would love to see a magical girl inspired print. I think it would go very well with vintage fashion. Maybe with a print of different magical wands? And cute lace collars?

8. We have seen your recent amazing Sailor Moon sleeve! Do you have any other tattoo’s in mind for the future?
We are first going to finish my sleeve until I can think of anything new. But I still want InuYasha, Lady Oscar and Ghibli themed tattoos. Can’t wait to get my other arm and legs covered as well!

9. Which vintage fashion era was your favourite and why?
The 50’s/60’s. They were so over the top and elegant. I loved their emphasis on the female body with their corsets and tight skirts. There’s just something so beautiful and feminine about it!

10. Which make-up product could you not live without?
TB: Lipstick. Especially red lipstick. It just goes so well with everything I wear. I would miss it dearly!


Thank you so much to Twiggy Braindead for taking part in our Woman Crush Wednesdays segment and for giving us a deeper insight and learning more about you! Join us next Wednesday for more WCW goodness!

Love the Collectif team

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