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Woman Crush Wednesdays – Threnody in Velvet

Woman Crush Wednesday
♡Threnody in Velvet♡

We couldn’t have a Woman Crush Wednesday without featuring one of the most inspirational ladies – Threnody in Velvet! With her elaborate beautiful style, flawless make – up and an incredible creative flair its already very clear how she inspires us here at Collectif. From creating, shooting and editing all of her own imagery, Threnody in Velvet is definitely not short of talent and style! So without further ado, lets begin!
1. Hi Morgana, your make-up skills are incredible! What was your favourite look you created? 
I think so far my favourite look I made was the mermaid one with your shimmery green Mildred maxi dress! I almost wish it was something I could wear day to day, green neck and all… This will be featured in the month of May of my 2019 calendar by the way, go get your copy! <3
2. Do you remember how your interest for alternative fashion began?
It came hand in hand with my alternative lifestyle and music I loved, very early in my life at around 14 years old, it has changed and evolved a lot since. I don’t think you get interested on the fashion aspect before the music/art, it is a complete natural progress of dressing how you feel and based on your personality and things you love.
However I can remember when my interest in corsetry (the part I specialise the most in) and this was by seeing a woman wearing a corset at a music gig in Spain, I was amazed that was something you could get your hands on at that time as where I lived it was completely unusual, and since then all I wanted was corsets and more corsets because it accentuated all the best feminine shapes in a woman’s body. I have a very extensive ever growing collection now. 
3. Describe your creative process and ideas for your amazing photo shoots.
There’s no particular formula or process for creating a shoot, other than working closely with the designers and generally have full artistic freedom to shoot the garments the way they inspire me.
I do the photography, digital art, makeup and modelling so the result is usually my very personal interpretation of what the outfit says to me. If the designer has a particular vision for it then I try to match it as much as I can in my style.
If it’s for a personal project however, I usually have something in mind and will approach the best creatives to make it happen that already understand the ideas. It’s important if you want your life to be easier to approach people you already love the work they do, in their style instead of wanting someone to create something that has nothing to do with their style, as that would just bring stress to them and you.
4. How would you describe your aesthetic? 
High end, dark and gothic. in a grown up stylish way 😉
5. We know you are a big fan of Collectif! What are your top 3 picks from our Autumn Winter collection?
The Anjelica maxi dress is a must for every Femme Fatale and is my favourite piece to date! The Carmella coat, and the Lola tweed trousers. I can’t wait to rock this winter. Pictures coming soon!

6. If you could create a Halloween look using clothing from Collectif what would the complete look feature?
The Anjelica maxi dress, with or without a waist cincher, fully fashioned stockings, my vampire fangs and deadly makeup.

7. If you could design a garment for our Autumn Winter collection what would it feature?
It would be a black below the knee pencil dress with black draped fabric on the hips, low cut cleavage and side pockets!

8. What would you love to see in the future for Collectif?
More Vampy styles in cuts that flatter an array of body types.
9. We think your flair for interior design is amazing. Do you have any future plans you’d love to make a reality in your home?
Since we bought our home this year, all I been able to get done is paint the living room and entrance as well as hanging some nice mirrors/taxidermy, there is literally everything else to re-do in here but not enough time and money until it becomes the house of our dreams. But we do have SO many plans when finances allow, like adding some half brick on a feature wall to give it some industrial loft feel, a reclaimed wood dining table, make the kitchen match the living room… the bathroom, it’s all going off black with lots of greenery and gold! It would probably take years to finish but the journey is exciting, certainly more exciting than the 13 months it took us to buy it.
10. Pick your favourite: Swing, Pencil or Maxi dresses?
I live in both pencil and maxi dresses, depends on the occasion and how formal or not the dress looks and if I have shoes that match and are walk-able in or not!
Thank you, Threnody in Velvet for joining us and taking part in our Woman Crush Wednesday feature. It was amazing learn more about you!
Join us next week where we speak to more inspirational ladies and their fabulous style!Love the Collectif Team
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