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Woman Crush Wednesdays – Miss Deadly Red

Woman Crush Wednesdays
♡ Miss Deadly Red ♡

This week we want to introduce to you all our brand new segment to our blog where we get in touch with wonderful, inspirational women that we have had the pleasure of working alongside! Who better to start off our new feature than Miss Deadly Red – our amazing and talented catalogue model! We want to give you the opportunity to discover more about Miss Deadly Red and why she inspires us here at Collectif! So without further ado, lets get started…
 Flora Occasion swing dress
1. You have been the face of Collectif clothing for nearly 4 years! As you’ve got to wear many of our pieces, could you pick any favourites from the new collection and what do you love most about them?
MDR: I think a firm favourite is the new Jade Ice cream dress, it’s so much fun to wear it’s super summery and it’s got a lovely flare to the skirt, all of the things I love the best!
Collectif dresses
2. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
MDR: Somewhere I haven’t already been, I’ve actually always wanted to go to India, the culture fascinates me. I had a friend when I was back in school who went there every year with his family and absolutely adored it and told me all about the wonderful experiences he’s had and says it really changes your outlook on life and the way you see the world!
3. You’re a trained MUA, when and how did you get into make-up and start doing it professionally?
MDR: I did a course in it back when I was 17 – I’m actually trained in special effects makeup but I did a variety of things within that course and I tried to test my limits! I then started doing it more professionally a couple of years later when I gained my confidence up and it’s just really grown from there! I originally started to get more into makeup when I was about 13 when I came home every night from school and slapped on a load of truly awful makeup, just to see what I could do, what worked, what didn’t and I think it really helped me discover why I loved it so much, how you can change the way you look so dramatically depending on what kind of makeup you have on!
4. Do you have any make-up tips to share? We understand if you’d rather keep them secret!
MDR: Hahaha, simple make-up tips, but research how to draw your brows in the best way for your natural shape and your face shape, brows make such a dramatic difference to a persons face you really need to find out what suits you and your style! Also try to always use a primer on your face and a good base for your eye makeup it makes a hell of a big difference to the way the makeup goes onto your skin and also how well it’s stays throughout the day! This is good for people used to having their makeup drop off within a couple of hours of wear!
5. We know you absolutely love matching sets, which is your favourite from Collectif?
MDR: Oooo that’s a super hard one, but probably either the Gold Jacket with matching high waist trousers from a couple of seasons back, or my go to outfit of dreams, the Dolores pink gingham top with the matching Bonnies, I’ve loved that outfit the minute I got it, and I actually have to stop myself wearing it to death because it worries me not being able to replace it!
 Collectif new arrivals
6. Your hair is your natural colour, do you think you would ever dye it and if so what colour?
MDR: I think the only way I would dye it would be when I get older if i go a really awful shade of ginger/grey mixed then I would dye it silver and blue rinse it all the way – coolest granny on the street! 😉
7. What are your go-to accessories that you love wearing and why?
MDR: It varies’, with vintage I have some amazing accessories from Splendette, Bow and cross Bones and some great hair flowers from Lady Lucks Boutique I really like some of the fakelite styled jewellery and some tiki pieces. But generally if I’m not going vintage I tend to wear a lot of sacred geometry styled earrings, crystals and skull necklaces, because I will always be a 14 year old goth at heart 😉
8.  If you could have any Collectif print what would it be?
MDR: Ooo that’s a tough one, I would love a deep red sparkle (kind of like the blue version of the Trixie dress in the AW17 collection.)
9. Your confidence is so inspiring, do you have any words of advice / wisdom on how to stay confident?
MDR: Find something different you like about yourself every day and focus on it – doesn’t matter what it is. Maybe you are having a good hair day, maybe your freckles have come out because of the sun and you think they look cute, maybe you got a little tanned, whatever it is, make sure it’s something you go back to throughout the day whenever you feel a bit rubbish because of something going wrong. Make a physical or mental note of what you pick each day and at the end of the week look back at all the things you like about yourself and remind yourself you have little things every moment that make you amazing, and beautiful hold on to your progress every week and see all the good things when you don’t feel like you can find the good!
10. And last but not least, what was your favourite fashion era and why?
MDR: Of course I’m a cliche but it would have to be the 50’s the styles were elegant, fitted and beautiful, what I would give to jump back in time for just a little while!

Thank you so much to Miss Deadly Red for participating, for all the wonderful tips and inspiring words! Join us next week for our Woman Crush Wednesday and find out more about our favourite influencers!

Love The Collectif Team


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