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Woman Crush Wednesdays – Julia Metz

Woman Crush Wednesdays
♡Julia Metz – Collectif designer! ♡

We’re always blown away by everyone’s creative style and we know you Collectif cuties always look fabulous in our designs! We also love hearing which pieces are your personal favourites from each season so we thought who better to interview this week than our amazing Head of Design- Julia Metz? She has worked at Collectif for over 7 years and has worked on our collection since 2013. Julia works alongside our amazing design team who bring you over 300 + new styles each season. Want to find out about her creative process and inspiration that brought your favourite pieces to life from this season? Of course you do; read on to find out more!

1.Who or what inspires you the most when creating new designs?
Everything and anything . When I am designing I make sure to take in everything around me from research on the internet for vintage pieces through to ladies I see out and about and random ideas that pop in to my head. One time I was at winter wonderland I put a faux fur muff in my coat pocket, I then put my hand in my pocket and this made me think to add a faux fur lining to the Anoushka coat pockets. I also always consider the invaluable feedback we receive from our staff and wonderful customers which we receive at events, trade shows and on social media.

2. Describe your creative process.
   It depends partly what point I am at designing the collection as some days I have more time to be creative than others. We have a breakdown which we set to work to which allocated each design a type, theme and price range, so I need to consider all these things as well as what I think will appeal to our customers and try and bring some pieces that are a bit different. As I am designing I build up boards of the whole collection together with work from our other designers to try and see what the collection as a whole is going to look like. This really helps me see what areas need more pieces added.

3.What three items are essential to your fabulous outfits?
This is a tough one as I am definitely a clothing addict so I want to say all of them. I really love harnesses so number one I would say a harness is an essential. I usually make them for myself and have around 30 now ranging from black to glitter pink. Secondly socks, I love fun frilly ankle socks or over the knee socks and I often base an outfit around a pair of socks I love that week. Finally swing/ skater skirts as I find these most flattering for my figure, bonus points if they have pockets and braces.

4. How would you describe your own personal style?
It really depends on the day but I guess I would describe it as some kind of amalgamation of goth, grunge, kawaii, pastel princess. I don’t really feel like my style has a box it sits in, I have to have separate wardrobes for different styles that I have. I have always been a bit ‘unique’ starting with winning the ‘weirdest dresser’ award at high school.
5. We know you are a huge Harry Potter fan and a proud Ravenclaw! Could you name some of your most favourite moments in the entire Harry Potter series?
Yes I am, ohh I have so many favourite moments. My favourite book has to be the prisoner of Azkaban, partly as I love Sirius as a character.  Firstly *spoilers* I think my favourite section is his escape from the dementors. The plot twist with Hermione’s time turner is just great reading in general as everything falls in to place.

6. Any favourite pieces that you are most proud of?
I always have a few favourites every season and it changes a lot a few ones that stand out are ‘Flora Occasion Swing Dress‘ because I really wanted to include floating flowers in mesh for a while and finally made it happen. Monica Mermaid Print Pencil Dress as this was one of my first print designs and I stayed up late at night in China to get it done and teach myself how to get a perfect print tile. My third has to be the Caterina Dress as I have seen it on so many amazing beautiful people over the years.

7. What inspires you when organising a photo shoot – how do you select props and decide the vibe of the shoot?
It partly depends on which products we have in the collection, we like our shoots to be colourful, fun and also show the designs to our customers. Of course we have to work with a budget too so often I have a very grand idea and then have to scale it back to what we can do. We work with an amazing team of designers, photographers, MUA and models who all together make for a real girl gang dream team on our shoots.

8. How do you finalise a decision when faced with multiple designs to go into production?
I work together with our Merchandiser to analyse the data and reports we have. We like to have different styles to offer a variety to all our different types of customer but some sell more than others so it is just finding this balance and making sure the collection as a whole has enough plains vs print and the right amount of pieces in a certain type like ‘Swing Dresses‘.

9. Your hair is fabulous – how long have you been dying it and what was your inspiration for this?
Thank you. I have been dying it permanently since I was first allowed at 16 in sixth form, I think I have had almost every colour possible. My current inspiration is Little Twin Stars the Sanrio cartoon as I love Kiki and Lala’s colour combo and now I have both.

10. Last but not least, which four pieces are your personal favourites from this season?
This is tricky as it is like picking a favourite friend. But my top styles have to be Jade Ice-Cream Swing Dress, Lisa Vintage Gingham Shorts in blue, Maya Peachy Sundress and Adore Skater Dress all of these are super cute and fun and appeal to the different aesthetics that I personally love.

Thank you Julia for joining us this week and giving us an insight into what inspires you and your fabulous creations! We can’t wait to see what designs you have in store for Collectif in the future!
Join us next week for our Woman Crush Wednesday’s feature for more inspiring ladies!


Love the Collectif team

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