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Woman Crush Wednesdays featuring Lisa Adams-May!

Woman Crush Wednesdays
♡Lisa Adams-May♡

Welcome back to our Woman Crush Wednesday’s segment this week where we get in contact with the lovely ladies behind the scenes at Collectif! This week we want to introduce you all to Lisa Adams-May – our fabulous stock administrator and catalogue model! We love her style and how she combines pastels with her goth aesthetic! Lets read on to find out more about Lisa and why she inspires us!

1. How would you describe your personal style?
Probably pastel grunge more than pastel goth. It’s way more relaxed, a bit more shabby-chic than the Instagram-perfect pastel goth aesthetic. I like to be comfortable but keep my make up and accessories coordinated with my outfit.

2. Name your three favourites from this season.
The Lisa Vintage Gingham Shorts (obviously- they’re named after me!), the pale blue Outlaw Biker Jacket, and the Maya Peachy Sundress (well, technically my favourite is the vintage gingham version I got in the sample sale, teehee).

3. What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?
My whole childhood I was obsessed with fairies, I used to leave food and little beds made out of twigs and leaves in the garden. I even have fairy wings tattooed on the backs of my arms!

4. We know you are a big fan of Overwatch – what do you love about the game the most and who is your favourite player?
I’ve never been great at videogames, especially first person shooters, but the backstories and overall look of the game makes it really easy to be pulled in. My favourite character is D.Va; she’s a gamer girl who kicks butt and has the best outfits!!

5. If you had to eat one meal/food for the next month what would you choose?
Oh geez, can I pick everything? People often think I must be super healthy ’cause I’m vegan, but I’m a total junk food junkie! Probably has to be pizza; you can eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner!

6. What would you love to see in the future for Collectif?
I love the shorter dresses like the Maya Peachy Sundress, the Mini Dolores Doll, and Mimi Doll. They look super cute paired with chunky shoes and frilly ankle socks which is part of my whole vibe!

7. If you could design a new print for Collectif what would it feature?

8. What’s the weirdest fact you know?
There’s a worm that lives exclusively in the eyes of Greenland sharks.

9. We know you love switching up your style – if you could combine all of your favourite aesthetics into a Collectif piece (e.g. dress, shorts, skirt etc.) what would it feature?
Ooh, a Maya Sundress in pastel colours and black (either pastel design on a black background or vice versa), have frills, and heart buttons.

10. What is a style you would love to bring back from previous seasons? 
Emily Jacquard Skull Cardigan in black and white; it was one of my first purchases and I wear it all. The. TIME.


Thank you Lisa for joining us for our Woman Crush Wednesday segment! Join us next week for more fabulous, inspiring, vintage ladies!

Love the Collectif team

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