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Woman Crush Wednesdays featuring Bella Edwards!

Woman Crush Wednesdays
♡Bella Edwards♡


Join us as we look behind the brand and contact the fabulous ladies that spread their Collectif love! This week we bring you our Accounts Manager –  Bella Edwards! Bella has been with us just over a year and loves to flaunt her Collectif style! Keep on reading to find out more!

1. What do you love most about Collectif clothing?
I love how everything is super feminine and beautiful – I first discovered Collectif New Years Eve 2013, I had a black floor length dress, and wanted a glamorous wrap to wear over the top. I walked passed the Spitafields store and spotted a stunning fur cape that made me feel like Marilyn Monroe – I recently gave this to a cousin who feels equally as glam when she wears it too. The designs are timeless but fun. I feel like you can find something for every occasion at Collectif – they also have great casual wear and the Dolores top is now a staple of my daily wardrobe! You can always find something for a fancy occasion like a wedding or a ball; I got the Valentina dress as I just couldn’t resist it! I haven’t worn it yet because I am waiting for that special Occasion.


2. Describe your aesthetic.
I love anything that makes me feel super fancy, I love to wear matching shoes and clothes. When everything in my outfit works well together I just feel so much better about myself, I have just purchased the Jessie Rose Cardigan, the Talis western rose skirt, the Sammy western rose tie blouse and the Mary Jane Glitter heels, I am so excited to wear all of this together for the ultimate co-ordination combo look. 

3. We know you are a shoe addict, how many pairs do you own and can you name your favourite pair?
Yes you are correct, I absolutely love my shoes, I currently have about 10 pairs of Lulu Huns, and absolutely love my Lorena heels as they co-ordinate perfectly with my Jade Fruity Dress. But my favourite pair have to be my Christian Louboutin’s, I was very lucky to purchase 2 pairs this year, 1 pair has only been out of the box, another I like to wear at work, because they make me feel like I can conquer anything in them.  

4. What would you love to see in the future from Collectif?
At the moment, I’m really wanting to see a some more casual tops, I think lots of the prints would work really well on T-Shirts, so I would love to see more of this type of product is the near future.


5. Name your top three favourites from this season.
That’s such a hard question, because everything is so beautiful, but if I can only pick 3, it would have to be the Maria Country garden swing dress – it reminds me of a Barbie I had as a child. The Bettina Rock Lobster skirt, so cute. And finally the Frances Gingham Swing Dress, it’s so understated but looks so great on, it’s defiantly what I want to purchase next.

6. If you could design a dress for Collectif what style (Caterina, pencil, trixie etc.) would you chose and what would feature in the print?
I would love to design a range of shorter gingham Dolores doll dresses in a range of pastel colours. I think these would look so cute with a mini petticoat on underneath, I would have to accessorise them with seamed stockings and a tray of cupcakes. <3

7. Name a fictional character you’d love to be friends with.
It would have to be either Sabrina Spellman or Cher Horowitz, one could change clothes when ever she wanted and the other had the wardrobe of dreams!

 8. If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be?
Right now I have so many clothes, I would love to be able to store them properly somewhere, so a massive walk in-wardrobe would actually make all my dreams come true!

9. Name your most favourite piece from our ModCloth collaboration and explain what you love about it.
It has to either be the fabulous Frida dress, or the lovely London border print dress. Both are just so elegantly casual, they are great for shopping, then can be so easily dressed up to go for dinner with your loved ones. It’s so great that Collectif have go from a 4-28 on this collection, it makes it inclusive for so many people.

10. Last but not least: polka dots, stripes or pom poms?
Has to be pom pom’s – they just make me feel so happy!


Thank you so much to Bella for joining us and spreading the Collectif love! Join us again next week to learn about the lovely ladies behind the brand!

Love the Collectif team

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