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Woman Crush Wednesdays featuring Acid Doll

Woman Crush Wednesdays
♡Acid Doll ♡

This week we welcome glamorous, goth queen Acid Doll to join us where we can get a deeper insight to her style. A self-taught make-up artist that combines elegance, vintage style with a gothic twist who really inspires us here at Collectif. So without further ado, lets move on to learn more about Acid Doll…

1. Hi Tea! You look fabulous, how did you get into make-up artistry? 

Thank you so much. I am self taught and since I was a teenager I always liked playing with makeup. I’m lucky to have had parents who have never slowed my creativity and who, even if I looked like a clown, always let me experience it and express myself. But it was really when I started my modeling career in 2002 that I became more interested in makeup. I liked to make my own makeup for my shootings and it led me to think about the products I used, different techniques, materials.  I also learned during some shootings where some of my make-up artist friends did my makeup (which happened relatively rarely because I still like to do it myself). One of them already told me at the time that I do my make-up very well but I always took each of her advice preciously. After that I started having clients, doing make-up on other peoples also giving workshops in Belgium and in France.

We all make mistakes at the beginning but thanks to these errors that we learn and improve. Even today I learn everyday, I spend hours documenting, reading, experimenting and visualizing. Makeup is one of my favorite forms of art and expression, it’s something that relaxes me and makes me happy.

2. We know you are a huge Horror film fanatic. If you could pick your top three favourites what would they be?
It’s such a difficult question as I love too many horror movies but my all time fav’ top 3 would be:
– House of 1000 Corpses
– The Texas Chainsaw massacre (2003)
– House on Haunted hill (1999)

3. Who/what influences your style?
Since I was a child I have always been attracted by everything dark, mysterious and strange. My roots has always been there.
In my style I love wearing mostly darker clothes with some touch of colors. Bringing beauty in darkness. The elegance of a black dress is always timeless ! I find this quote really appropriate: “I can say that I have always had an affinity for the dark and beautiful though, and I feel that because of this I try and surround myself with as many dark and beautiful things.” This is exactly what I feel regarding my style, influences and even in my life (my house interiors etc.)

My inspiration comes from different decades (1920s -1950s), everything macabre, goth architectures & goth art, black metal music, old horror movies, religious and catholic imagery, renaissance paintings. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by all the beauty around me, all these influences are so rich and inspires me so much!

My style is continually evolving with my personal evolution, it would be so annoying to dress all the time in the same way. I am not the same person as I was when I was 15 years old. It’s like an artistic evolution. It’s mainly my desires that speaks by itself and I know that each day will be different. I love fashion but “my kind” of fashion, the one where I can express myself and let my passion bloom, create and mix different pieces to make each look unique.
This is not a costume, this is how I dress every day, how I feel about myself, it’s also about the attitude not just your outfit.

4. Do you have any tips for anyone who is new to vintage fashion?
– Don’t buy tons of dresses but instead buy separates (skirts, tops, trousers, etc) that you can mix to have different outfits. 
– Familiarize yourself with eras that you like, do not be afraid to play and break the rules!
– Shop in vintage stores! You can find amazing hidden gems.
– Accessories are very important and they can compliment your outfit but don’t over-accessorise, I personally don’t think that it’s necessary, “less is more”.
– Hats & Turbans are a must (and my favorite). They can save you from any kind of “bad hair day” and gives you a great look in a minute.

5. Tell us a funny/quirky fact about yourself.
I am someone very clumsy. I tend to bump around.

6. Name a fictional character you’d love to be friends with.
Too many!
– Vampira the queen, for talking about horror movies and everything that is as black as our soul.
– Elvira for her sense of humour and because I always loved her badass rock’n’roll attitude.
– Captain Spaulding, he’s my spiritual grandfather.

7. What do you love about Collectif clothing?
The diversity of each collection. The fact that the brand offers different clothes every season with different styles for all women. I think that’s the strength of Collectif Clothing.

8. Could you name your three favourites from our current Autumn Winter collection and what you love about them?
– Khloe Top that I absolutely adore! Simplicity and elegance. You can never go wrong with a white peter pan collar style.
Anjelica Maxi Dress in red Velvet. Because when I don’t wear black I wear red and if it’s velvet it’s even better. I have this dress in plain black it’s definitely my most favorite Collectif dress ever. It’s screaming glamour and mystery.
Rachel Doll dress, the neckline is amazing and this dress fits like a glove for all my glamour goth ghouls!

9. If you could design your own dress from Collectif what would it feature?
Lace, bell sleeves, sheer material, velvet, spiders and roses

10. Lastly, we know you love Halloween – if you could create a look featuring our Autumn Winter collection what would you choose?   
Without hesitation the Morticia dress! Should I say more?


Thank you Acid Doll for joining us this week, we’ve loved learning so much about you and your own style! We hope our readers have been inspired but such a glamorous lady, remember to stay true to your own style and stay vintage!
Love the Collectif Team.

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