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Woman Crush Wednesdays


Woman Crush Wednesday’s
Charlotte Amelia

We’re back with wonderful women who inspire us and this week we are joined by Charlotte Amelia ! We love her incredible style and talent for make up artistry and we want to learn more about what influences her creativity. 

1. Hi Charlotte, we are in awe with your make-up skills, how did you get into make-up artistry?
Thank you! I am hugely passionate about makeup as an art form and as a means of self expression. My love for film, books and fictional worlds has always been a big influence. I began transforming myself into characters and posting the photos on social media around four years ago. It started out as a seasonal thing, at Halloween (a holiday I  adore), and now I do it all year round! I decided to pursue this hobby and study it at university, with the hopes to turn it into a career. I have just finished my BA degree and am currently freelancing!

2. What has been your favourite look so far that you have created?
This is a difficult one! I love history and classic literature. Many of my personal projects involve interpreting an historical style, figure or character and embellishing it with my own art style. ‘She Drifts’ is self-shot, the colour scheme is white and red. I’m wearing a white 18th Century influenced wig, which I styled a boat into; the makeup is very pale with pops of red. I’ve developed a particular adoration for the Georgian period and wig styling, over the last year. I’ve collaborated with the incredibly talented Grimmnoire Photography to help bring some of my concepts to life. My favourite of the few are a pastel toned collection called ‘Pomp and Circumstance’, inspired by the Duchess of Devonshire and Madame de Pompadour.

3. Do you have any beauty tips or tricks?
Something I do every day, is line the lips with a dark lip liner and blend it into whichever lipstick I choose to wear. I usually opt for a brown lip liner with neutral undertones, as it’s deep on my fair skin and will blend into every colour. The reason I do this is because it adds definition, giving the illusion of more pouty lips, and will prevent some shades from looking too flat. I certainly didn’t make this up, it’s been done for years, but it’s a fabulous and simple hack!

4. If you could design a print for Collectif, what would it feature?
Oh goodness! Anything witch-related like pumpkins, cats and broomsticks. I’d love to see some silhouetted Georgian or Victorian ladies!

5. If you had to create a goth inspired look from our summer collection, what items would you put together?
The Vintage Brette Striped dress is to die for, it gives me Tim Burton vibes! I’d pair it with the dramatic but classic Jess Glasses and Hedy Lace gloves.

6. What accessories would you love to see in the future by Collectif?
A super wide brimmed black hat!

7. Are there any styles you would love to see again?
The Winona dresses and Khloe pencil dress are some of my favourites. I love collars, especially white collars on black! I wore the Morticia Fishtail dress to see Dita Von Teese last year, it’s such an elegant piece, I’ve never felt so sassy. I’d love to see similar styles!

8. Tell us a funny childhood story.
When I was about eight years old I told my school teacher that my favourite singer was Phil Collins. (My favourite film at the time was Tarzan, though I suppose that’s not the first thing that springs to mind for everyone) She found it hysterical and couldn’t stop laughing. I was so embarrassed that I cried! Oh, the troubles of an eight year old.

9. What other passions do you pursue?
I’ve taken up modelling over the past two years, and do this along side makeup artistry. Another passion of mine is reading, I’m a book nerd. When I’m not busy with work, I’d rather stay at home, drinking tea and getting lost in fictional worlds.

10. What was the last TV show you watched that you found really moving?
I just finished season three of Stranger Things. The ending had me sobbing. I’ll say no more.



Thank you for joining us this week; who inspires your vintage style?
Love the Collectif team

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