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Woman Crush Wednesdays

Woman Crush Wednesdays
♡Featuring Miss Diversity

Today we are excited to get to know Miss Diversity and what inspires her elegant, gothic style! Learn more about her right here for our Woman Crush Wednesday interview!

1. Hi Charlotte, we love your elegant outfits! How would you describe your style?
Thank you so much ladies! I guess a modern Pin-Up Look with some dark elements and an always over-matched twist. I am strongly influenced by the 80’s touch of the Vintage Looks, with big hair and exaggerated accessories, but I also adore the 50’s and 60’s perfect and elegant Hollywood looks.

2. How did you discover Collectif Clothing?
Collectif Clothing has been a part of my wardrobe for a really long time, my first piece was an intense green leopard cardigan! Later I ‘rediscovered’ your beautiful brand when I looked for cute retro clothes, that were comfortable enough to dance in and fell in love with your brand – again!

3. What has been your favourite Collectif look that you have created so far?
That is a tough one as the’re so many and I love each of them. But what comes to my mind immediately is the Grease inspired look with your Connie Leather Jumpsuit – it is cool, it is edgy, badass but feminine at the same time! I love to wear clothes that say ‘don’t mess with me’ and I think those vibes are really strong on this outfit. Plus it matches my bfs 69 Mercury Cougar so perfectly.

4. If you could create your ideal dress by Collectif, what would it feature?
Long Bishop Sleeves – I am a sleeve obsessed person and would LOVE to see something like that for fall. It can be styled with authentic and romantic vintage vibes; a modern office chic or dark goth scene look – Versatile but still a statement piece on it’s own.

5. We know you love to create your own accessories for your looks. What has been your favourite sewing project so far and what plans do you have for the future?
Aww, it amazes me that people recognize my accessories! Actually I suck at sewing (beside trying really hard) but always have clear images in my mind of the things I’d like to complete my looks with. If I can’t find them, or only to prices I can’t afford, I try making them on my own. Last Halloween I made myself a Mae West inspired spiderweb stole which I really love. This year the long leopard gloves are definitely my favourite so far. Those are also my most complimented gloves and go so well with many of my pieces, like your beautiful Wanda dress.

6. Are there any accessories you would love to see from Collectif in the future?
Make leopard Gloves, pleaaase. Wraarrr up our wardrobe, we deserve it (and they’d match so many of your beautiful creations).

7. What advice would you give to anyone starting to build their vintage wardrobe?
Separates for life! Get yourself some basic pieces that matches the vintage style and make it easy to integrate vintage look in your everyday wardrobe. My first one was the Rebel Kate denim jeans (which I still have btw) – it iss easy to pair with simple tops but gives every look a strong vintage vibe. Start with getting the right feelings for your desired aesthetic, look what you enjoy wearing most and is practical to be styled in many ways for different occasions.

8. Are there any other passions that you pursue?
I am a student of social work and strongly interested in politics, history, sociology and feminism! To me, fashion has always been and still is a mixture of all of those elements – spiced of with a pinch of art. In my opinion, every decision we make and the way we behave is highly political, conscious or not conscious. That’s why I do my best to learn about everything in this world as much as possible and try to become a respectful, aware and positive member of our society.

9. Could you pick your favourite quote and tell us why it is special to you?
‘If you take care of things, they last’ – This refers to relationships, clothes and everything we value in this world. There is nothing like ‘given’ things, we always need to be active, work and fight for them. You can’t expect anything in this world to be not affected by time and changes so respect, protect and value it.

10. Lastly, what was the last TV show you watched that you found really moving? 
Actually, one of two series I ever watched and finished was Game of Thrones. Most of the things I do at home go best with silence and music, so I struggle at keeping up with series (but I know that there’d be so many amazing ones I’d enjoy watching). GOT didn’t really catch me from beginning, but somehow managed to become a part of my last years. Beside the last season being rushed, I really, really enjoyed the ending. You can feel the huge Tolkin influence and it teaches some valuable lessons about democracy, facism and power, the symbolism is so amazing. We can’t be reminded too often of the danger that lies in following leadhership. Hopefully I will find something equally exciting to me, soon!

Thank you for joining us – who inspires your vintage style?
Love the Collectif team



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