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Woman Crush Wednesdays

Woman Crush Wednesdays
Melody Appleby

This week is an extra special post as we get to know to the wonderful Melody Appleby! She’s a huge fan of Collectif and a huge inspiration to us; so without further ado let’s read on to learn more!

1. Hi Melody, you’re a huge inspiration to us at Collectif! Could you describe your style for us in three words?
Fun, Classic, feminine

2. We also love your “outfit of the day” photos. What inspires you to document every day?
I find such joy in putting outfits together, combining things in different ways or with something new, it really lifts me so I want to share my joy with everyone, that’s how I ended up with the infamous #Melodypose, it’s an explosion of joy! More seriously one of my friends posted how going to the trouble of putting on and sharing a nice outfit helps with her mental health and I think on reflection it does this for me too.

3. You are currently involved in the HEN project, a photographic series that explores the lives of the older transgender community. How did you get involved and how do you hope it will inspire others?
One of the girls that comes to the Collectif Meet Ups in London knows the photographer and asked if I would like to take part and I’m so pleased I did, the exhibition was very moving but I never thought I’d end up on the evening news. I hope it inspires people and helps them to overcome their challenges.

4. We would love to hear how and when you first discovered Collectif!
When I started to transition in 2017 I struggled to find a style in the high street that made me feel good about how I looked and gave me a sense of identity. I went to the Twinwood Festival and it was like the light on the road to Damascus for me, everyone looked amazing and I instantly thought that’s the look I need, so I started researching vintage clothes and found Collectif. I joined the “Collectif Love and Therapy” facebook page and was amazed to find out how lovely and supportive everyone is (massive thanks to Lisa for starting and running it). There is such a strong sense of community.

5. You attend many of our events and we love meeting you at parties! What was one of your biggest highlights at one of our Collectif events?
I think the events are a great opportunity for our community to meet and share our Collectif love. The moment that stands out for me was at the 18th Birthday when my friend Kerry spontaneously dragged me out to dance in front of everyone as the singer sang “This is Me”. Someone commented after that the room was so full of love, many transgender people struggle to be accepted and feel isolated but I feel and especially in that moment that more than being accepted, I have found my home.

6. What styles would you like to see in future from Collectif?
Initially I was drawn to the 50’s look with bright colours and flamboyant prints but lately I seem to be more attracted to the elegant more understated tailored 40’s look so more of that please?


7. Pick one: Dolores or Caterina?
Oh my, how on earth do you pick one of those? I think the Caterina, but ask me another day and I may say Dolores LOL.

8. Do you have any passions outside of vintage fashion?
I have three, I play Guitar in a band called 360, we gig once or twice a month and I love seeing the crowd up dancing, I have two sons I love so dearly and I started Lindy Hop dancing last year which is so much fun. I guess there is a fourth which is socialising, I seem to be always out somewhere these days and know so many lovely people.


9. Where in the world would you love to travel to and why?
I went to Memphis a few years ago and would love to return but also go to New Orleans and Nashville where so much great music comes from, I’ve never seen so many amazing bands, BB King’s Club is THE place to be.

10. Tell us a recent funny experience.
It’s funny I seem to get women coming up to me saying “Are you Melody?” quite a bit, this always makes me smile but the best has to be last week in the supermarket, a lady said it and that she saw me on the news after the Hen Exhibition and found it inspiring, she wanted a selfie with me, thank goodness I was wearing a lovely dress.


Thank you so much for joining us this week, we hope you all feel inspired by Melody and we hope to see you again next week!
Love the Collectif team

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