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Woman Crush Wednesdays

Woman Crush Wednesdays
Laura Jane Atelier

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday’s features Laura Jane Atelier and we love her style and flare for vintage decor! Let’s read on to find out more!1. Hi Laura, we love your vintage aesthetic. Could you describe your style for us in three words?
Floral, Feminine, quirky

2. What are your current favourites from our summer collection?
Mahina tropical banana sarong dress
Sun jellies jelly purse

3. What Collectif accessories are your essentials for this season?
Lulu Hun Lily wedge and Wanda bowling bag

4. Pick one: Stripes or polka dots?
Polka Dots

5. If you could design a new style/print for Collectif, what would it feature?
It would feature my cat Pinky because I am obsessed with cats!

6. When did you first discover your love for vintage?
I have loved vintage for as long as I can remember. I think when I was around 20, I started to go thrift shopping. I gew up watching old Hitchcock movies, and my dad has always been a fan of old things like houses and vintage cars, so it rubbed off on me.

7. We know you love thrifting and finding rare vintage decor. What is currently your favourite find?
My Marie Cattionete Tea Pot

8. Do you have any hacks or tips for someone who wants to add vintage decor to their home?
Go with your gut and choose items you love. My house is a mixture of all sorts of things from every decade. Some people may find it a little cluttered, but I love it. I go to church sales and thrift shops weekly, so I am always looking.

9. Aside from vintage lifestyle are there any other passions you have?
I love to watch movies both old and new. I studied fashion design and painting in university, so I have always had a passion for the arts. I also love film making and YouTube. My channel has become my latest creative obsession.

10. What song do you currently have on repeat at the moment?
Billie Eilish – You should see me in a crown


Thank you for joining our Woman Crush Wednesday segment this week. Who inspires your vintage style?
Love the Collectif team

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