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Woman Crush Wednesdays

Woman Crush Wednesdays
♡Stella Rose Cherry♡

Welcome back to this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday’s feature where we are joined by the stunning Stella Rose Cherry! We are completely inspired by her chic vintage style as well as her amazing collection of fancy shoes. Let’s read on and learn more!

  1. Hi Stella Rose! We adore your chic, vintage style; if you could sum up your aesthetic in three words what would they be?
    I think it would be : Elegant , 50’s inspired with a modern twist
  1. Which item is your favourite from our Spring Summer collection?
    It’s a very though one but I think I will go for the Caterina Swing dress … in any colour!
  1. If you were able to design a dress for Collectif, what would it feature?
    Probably an off-the-shoulder heart neckline print dress with an amazing New Look full skirt. Then complete with a big, dramatic bow on the back.

  1. How did you discover your love for Vintage fashion?
    I have always worked in fashion and I was inspired by the New look hourglass figure. In the 40’s and 50’s era, I found the feminine elegance was missing today and that inspired me to design.
  1. What three pieces from our collection would you recommend for someone who has just started building their vintage wardrobe?
    To started building a vintage wardrobe I would definitly recommend the Caterina swing plain dress as it’s a timeless piece who can be accessorised in so many ways. With only one dress you can make so many different outfits . So, now you have one swing dress, you should get a pencil dress – for summer the Mahina dress will be your bestie for day wear & party wear. The last one will be trousers – the Pippa dungaree for casual day wear. You can pair it with a shirt, blouseT-shirt, cardigan etc. and will look cute even with trainers!
  1. If you could meet a fictional character who would you choose and why?
    Well, I will answer right away without thinking of it too much and I would go for Iron Man (probably my son’s influence) but I found him very funny and he has a lot of gadgets! He also likes partying…like me!

  1. Can you name us your top five style icons and tell us why they inspire you.
    – Bettie Page because she is… the queen! She was unique and I like the fact that she created most of her swimwear and lingerie for her photoshoots.
    – Rita Hayworth for her smile, her hair and her wardrobe.
    – Dita Von Teese for her sense of style.
    -Mosh (@officialymosh) her pictures are my favourite – her poses, make up and hairstyles are so inspiring.
    -Rachel Ann Jensen (@rachelannjensen) she is always on point with perfect matching accessories head to toe!
  1. Tell us a surprising fact about yourself.
    I lived and worked in Tokyo Japan during 4 years and I was shoe designer (I even gave birth to my son there.)
    9. Outside of vintage fashion – are there any passions that you pursue?
    I love to dance and draw but my first passion is high heels. I love to design, wear and collect them as they are work of art to me. I own more than 600 pairs by now but I can’t stop buying new ones.
    And yes – I’ve got storage problem at home…
  1. Pick one item to finish your outfit with – a handbag or a hat?
    Another though one! I love hats but a girl can’t go out without a bag, so it will be the handbag.

Join us next week to find out who we will be featuring for our next Woman’s Crush Wednesday!
Love the Collectif team

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