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Woman Crush Wednesdays

Woman Crush Wednesdays
Wilhelmina Af Fera

This week we are joined by Wilhelmina Af Fera who has amazing vintage style as well as the biggest, fanciest collection of hats! Let’s read on and learn more!

Image by foxyvixensbeautyparlour

1. Hi Wilhelmina, you’re a total vintage babe! How many years have you been perfecting your style?

– Hi! And thank you so much! Vintage and retro styles have always been close to my heart but I started dressing up in vintage style clothing about five years ago, starting with super colourful pieces and pastel hair, working my way through to what my style is these days. Though I have had my rockabilly phases even before that on regular basis. I tried something else in between but always ended up going back to rockabilly stuff and after that I went through that pastel phase and have been stuck to this vintage feels-moment at least the last three four years now.

2. Who is your biggest style icon and why?
Gosh, this is difficult! I do admire Marlene Dietrich and Mea West, but for totally different reasons – Marlene was an amazing example of a strong female character who did not want to fit into any frame. She in her trouser suit and topper hat is my number one female character I look up to. For when it comes to glamour I tend to me more like Mae, go all the way or go home. Extravaganza being the word of the day. And I guess I could say I am known to usually have quite lavish outfits, loads of bangles, colours, hats, accessories on the top. But sometimes it’s just cool to have that suit and top hat and just let it be.

3. What Collectif style would you love to see again in the future?
Let’s face the fact the last autumn’s Alexa Check swing skirt with braces was just the thing for me; plaid, braces…all the good things! Would love it in another colourway as well… But I also really loved the English Garden range! Such beautiful floral print and the colours were amazing!

Image by susanna_kallinen_photography

4. Name your favourite print from this season by Collectif!
Oh, my it’s gotta be the Rainbow check! I love all things check, plaid, tartan and colours on that print just hit the jackpot for me. I love it!


5. When did you first come across Collectif clothing?
Must have been yeaaars ago in Camden, London when I was still more of a “gothabilly”. Love at first sight ;).


6. We know you love vintage hats! Could you estimate how many you have and could you pick a favourite?
Last time I counted there must have been nearly 130 pieces. This does not include berets, which are a whole another story. Picking a favourite is like pointing our my favourite child! And besides, it goes by the time of the year. I have favourite winter hats, fave autumn ones, spring and summer styles. My favourite style is quite clear though, I have an obsession over 1940’s little topper tilt hats. I have one in black straw with feather embellishments I really love, one in mustard yellow with flowers around the brim and one very special one in fuchsia which has little blue flowers around it. There’s so many good ones I should do a youtube show “Discover the world of hats with Wilhelmina”.

Image by foxyvixensbeautyparlour

7. What is the best piece of advice you’ve been told?
“Girl, you really need to join Instagram”, said my photographer friend about five years ago – I had no idea what she was talking about. Not really. Always trust your guts.

8. Outside of vintage fashion, what are your other passions?
I have been studying classical vocals – I love singing! Especially Disney songs have been my favourites lately, I’m seriously obsessed with Moana soundtrack and Hercules soundtrack has some of the most groovy Disney songs ever, the best!
On February 2018 I performed burlesque to a large audience, and have been performing ever since. Also I am quite of a fantasy loving book worm. Give me Harry Potter and I’ll be satisfied but give me Lord of the Rings and I’ll love you! Paying attention to my tattoos you might have noticed this! Apart from one detail, all my tattoos are Lord of the Rings universe related. I also do love the movies and get serious shivers when even think about the battle of Pelennor fields. I know the speech of King Theoden from word to word and when watching the scene I would be ready to jump on a horseback and ride with Eorlingas to the battle against Mordor armies heart jumping high with adrenalin and stamina. What can I say – Nerd!

9. We love your fur babies! Could you share a photo with us and tell us their names?
Of course! These cuties are named after famous hockey players, (my family has an obsession over ice hockey and I too used to go to see the matches when I was smaller) from oldest to youngest; Raipe, Heili & Kaitsu. Difficult names to English speaking folks, I know! Happily near to my family’s place there’s also another family with doggies from the same kennel and they all are pretty much related to each other, so it’s like the doggie Bold and Beautiful. When the girls come over theres a full pack of seven fur babies! I share spirit with especially one girlie who is a strong female leader of the pack and there’s another one growing to the same direction! But my heart will always belong to our oldest dude, he’s such a gentleman!

10. Lastly, if it were possible to learn a new skill within a day what would you choose?
I’d probably love to learn Latino dances, like cha-cha-cha and rumba. All the dancers have such beautiful body movement which I’l like to achieve one day!


Thank you for joining us this week!

Love the Collectif team


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