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Woman Crush Wednesday

 Woman Crush Wednesdays
♡Curves to Kill

This week we are joined by Teer at Curves to Kill who brings fabulous style and sophistication to her outfits!

1. Hi Teer, we are so inspired by your style. How long have you been blogging your love for vintage fashion?
Oh my gosh why thank you! I’ve been blogging about pinup, vintage and curve friendly fashion for 8 years and modeling for around 11 years.

2. Is there any fashion advice you  would give to your younger self?
Don’t hide your shape, just embrace it. I’ve always been alternative in my style but in my younger years I wore some horrid baggy styles that did nothing for my curves.

3. Tell us a funny childhood story.
I was an only child and always wanted to make friends wherever we went. One day at the local swimming pool my mother heard me attempting to talk to group of ‘cool’ girls. Obviously being the dorky little freckled redhead I was they just ignored me and my instant response was to quote the Elephant Man ‘I am not an animal. I am a human being’ – just a little overdramatic.

4. What fictional character do you relate to the most?
Veronica from Heathers

5. What music are you currently listening to?
Currently bad modern radio in the office but at home most recently Squirrel Nut Zippers.

6. What three pieces from our collection would you recommend for someone who is building their vintage wardrobe?
 Outlaw Biker Jacket – One of the best biker jackets on the market with an amazing selection of colours.

 Trixie Doll Dress – The stretchy fabric, super sexy neckline and amazing fit makes this a must for any curvy girl.

 The Dolores Top – the perfect peasant style blouse that suits all shapes and sizes.

7. What three Collectif styles would you say are staples to have in your wardrobe?
To be honest two are my previous answer but there are 3 more pieces I just adore from my years of collecting Collectif and are always on high rotation. My most loved item has to be the Aida Zak Natalia Skirt – it’s my go to winter piece! The Jade Dress and any of the amazing knitwear I’ve collected over the years.

8. Pick your favourite accessory from this season.
It’s so tough to only pick one but I think it has to be the Lulu Hun Jane Banana’s Handbag. It’s so bright and fun and I can’t wait to style it in Summer down under.

9. What would you love to see from Collectif in the future?
More stunning fabrics in my most loved styles! Every season you guys rock my socks off so I can’t wait to see what else you have planned. I’d also love to see boot from the Lulu Hun range as they are amazing shoes.

10. Pick one: Brooches or hair flowers?
If I can swap Enamel Pins for the brooches those will always win! I’m 100% addicted to collecting them and they look amazing when paired with my Outlaw Biker!


Join us again next week for more Woman Crush Wednesdays!
Love the Collectif team

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