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Woman Crush Wednesday – Kellie Rix

Woman Crush Wednesdays
Kellie Rix

At Collectif we are incredibly lucky to work alongside inspirational women and this week we wanted to invite you to get to know the fabulous women behind our brand. We interviewed Kellie Rix, our amazing manager from our Camden store – which is totally fitting as this is where Collectif began back in the year 2000! So lets introduce Kellie and her fabulous vintage style!
ModCloth collaboration1. How long have you loved 1950’s fashion and what sparked your interest?
I think its always been one of those styles/looks that turns heads so I have admired the 1950s for many, many years, however like a lot of ladies I was always worried that I could never ‘pull it off’ ….this was until my wonderful hubby bought me a dress about 10 years back, as soon as I wore it I knew this was the style for me and my love has just grown and grown, actually it continues to daily working for Collectif x

2. Any useful tips or secrets you have to help achieve the perfect 50’s look?
Red lipstick and nail varnish, I feel these are key to a true pin up look, of course if you can master the art of winged eyeliner this helps too … hair is a problem for a lot of girls but just keep trying is my tip….practise does help but if you still cannot master it flowers or headscarfs/bandanas are always great for hiding those mistakes and making your hair look great.

 3. What style is your favourite from Collectif?
I love Dolores . . Doll dresses are the perfect length for me as I’m just shy of 5ft 10inches so love the longer style, also the shape of the top is so flattering and feminine.

4. How do you motivate and inspire others? (Both as a manager and in general!)
I honestly believe positivity. Happiness and confidence to be the biggest motivators and inspirational actions, I don’t personally like anything too regimented and feel we are all beautifully different and this should be embraced, society quickly seems to want to pigeon hole us all but everyone is individual and that’s what makes this world wonderful…there’s no such thing as the perfect hair, dress sense, size, height, age etc it’s about loving who you are and not trying to be like everyone else x

5. If you could bring something new to Collectif what would it be? (Designs, styles, accessories – anything!)
There are so many things I could add here…menswear .. children’s and babies .. larger and smaller sizes in footwear .. but my main thought at the moment is ‘Collectif on Tour’ my idea is to get out to events and meet more of our customers, especially those who cannot ever get to a store, this would be like going back to our roots and having a stall to trade from…we could even travel over to France…how great would that be. X

6. What is a skill you would love to learn?
Language…in-store I meet so many great people from all over the world, to be able to speak in every language would be incredible.

7. We love your tattoos! Which is your favourite?
Well this is a hard one actually as some are not my best work but the meaning behind them or the story that accompanies it means so very much to me. If I had to pick one it would be my owl on my left arm as he has so much meaning behind him.

Tropical print clothing

8. What are your top three picks from Collectif this season?
I absolutely adore all the cactus and pom pom pieces but simply love flamingos too, my most favourite piece at the moment is the ModCloth collaboration Akiko palm print jumpsuit…instant 40’s glamour and so so comfy. Of course next are my much favourites Dolores doll dresses, polkadots, flamingos and palm prints I love them all. My 3rd favourite piece this season is my Ronda pom pom top …with all those lovely colours it just goes with absolutely everything .

9. If you could be any television or movie character, who would you be and why?
I don’t think I can honestly say I aspire to be anyone, I guess wonder woman is pretty cool though but I’d purely be in it just for the outfit haha.

10. If you had all the money in the world to spend, what kind of vacation would you plan?

Hmmm… Japan is on my bucket list of places to visit  but I think it would be a ‘ wonders of the world’s type trip…never staying in one place too long but seeing all the planet’s most amazing places, flamingo beach in Aruba would most certainly be on the list.


Thank you Kellie for joining us and being part of our Woman Crush Wednesday’s segment! Join us next week to find out more about the inspiring women behind Collectif who help make us extra fabulous!

Love the Collectif team

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