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What Is Modern Vintage Fashion?

Modern Vintage Navy PlaysuitShopping for vintage fashion has long been a favourite hobby for vintage fashionistas all over the world. Whether you’re gathering at a vintage weekender or simply scanning the rails at thrift stores, the craze for finding unique and authentic vintage pieces has reached a peak in recent years.

However, shopping for authentic vintage clothing has its disadvantages. First off, you’ve got a lot of sifting through piles of not-so-cute garments ahead of you before you find the dream piece you’ve been looking for, and may even leave your thrift sesh empty handed! The second problem is that, if you’re no good with a little DIY magic or you simply can’t handle a needle and thread, your cute vintage outfit may just end up looking like a drab throwback.

Fear not, vintage fashion gal! Modern vintage fashion is racing to the rescue. Not everyone can be lucky enough to find the vintage clothing piece of their dreams just hanging out in their local charity shop, and have you seen the prices of authentic vintage clothing being sold online nowadays? That’s an ebay war we just can’t face.


So What Is Modern Vintage Fashion?

Otherwise known as reproduction, or repro, clothing, modern vintage fashion is a great alternative to dusting off clothing from decades past and giving it a little upcycle. Instead of all the sweat and tears, vintage reproduction retailers such as us vintage loving gals at Collectif are able to step in and offer you authentic vintage styles with a contemporary twist.

What Are The Benefits of Modern Vintage Fashion?

Modern Vintage Black Swing Dress

We can give you all the iconic style of a particular vintage or retro era gone by (think 1920s chic all the way up to bold 80s style), but with all the satisfaction of knowing that your vintage clothing is manufactured to a tee by modern machinery – meaning it won’t fall apart on you after a couple of wears! That’s the beauty of modern vintage fashion.

Being huge vintage fashion lovers ourselves, we’re committed to making your vintage clothing look as authentic as possible – so on our shelves you’ll find modern vintage clothing that’s made by designers passionate about creating specialist vintage clothing that looks like the real deal but wears like a contemporary and high quality fashion piece! Our vintage reproduction offers all the classic swing and wiggle shapes of the 1940s and 1950s, with just a touch of current season style sewn into the seams.

By combining the style and elegance of years gone by with our nifty modern fabrics and prints, our Collectif ladies can enjoy the vintage look at a fraction of what it would cost them to find it themselves by thrifting or online.

Modern vintage fashion can sometimes be confused with the mainstream fashion world influences that sometimes draw on inspiration from decades gone by such as the 90s – we actually aim to reproduce classic styles from eras such as the 1940s and 1950s that could genuinely be mistaken for the real thing! The difference with our vintage clothing is that it not only satisfies your craving for vintage style, but also meets the high standards and expectations of the fashion world in the 21st century.

Modern Vintage Nautical ClothingWhy Is Modern Vintage Fashion So Popular?

By choosing modern vintage fashion, never again will you have to worry about the questionable quality and condition of authentic vintage clothing, and you’ll also escape the rigorous bidding process! Instead, you can spend your time and effort piecing together the perfect vintage outfit, whether you’re into important style moments such from 1950s swing dresses to 1940s playsuits you’ll be able to find them all at Collectif.

The best news of all is that modern vintage fashion is here to stay.

While collectors of vintage clothing are snapping up all the authentic finds, modern vintage fashion retailers such as ourselves are able to freely exercise our flair for creating something new out of something old in a way that’s paving the way for the future of vintage clothing around the world.


Where Can I Get Modern Vintage Fashion?

Take a look at our full collections of vintage dresses and vintage clothing to find out how you can invite modern vintage fashion into your wardrobe courtesy of Collectif!


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