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Talkin’ bout my Generation

My Generation is a documentary film featuring Michael Caine which depicts the Cultural Revolution that occurred in 1960s England and we were totally inspired by the fabulous, funky and thrilling era. Here at Collectif  we have teamed up with Bright & Beautiful and Dandylife to create our own Lookbooks to show case how we can relive this fabulous time for the youth of 1960’s England in 2018!

The ‘Swinging 60’s’ was a flourishing decade filled with freedom and opportunity. Finally Teenagers and young people alike were given their own voice and it was time to thrive on Technicolor after the bleak black and white 50’s where the effects of the WW2 were still prominent. Young people of the 60’s shaped their own generation and, for the first time they were given the chance to express their own beliefs and individuality.

Revolutionary music such as The Beatles, The Who and the Rolling stones brought not only the freedom of opinion but the freedom of fashion, art and culture which was thriving beyond the Second World War. Music festivals like Woodstock and musicians alike influenced the “hippie” movement which continued well into the 70’s filled with bright experimental patterns and bold colours which was mirrored in the daring fashion of this fabulously, psychedelic era.

Twiggy was the iconic face of the 60’s with her androgynous look and thin stature which showcased in a number of distinctly 60’s templates.  Wearing A-line dresses with collars and neckties, suits and dresses that took their details from military uniforms became wardrobe staples for the youth of the 60’s. A new wave of feminism emerged and Mary Quant brought us the mini skirt – a symbol of sexual liberation and confidence.

Bella and Melissa wearing Aero (£69.99) and Nova (£64.99) 60s style Mini dress by Dandylife.


Pauline oversized gingham dress (Coming Soon!) – (£73) and Black Adoreé Heart Sunglasses (£6.65) Mahina Tropical bird playsuit (£44.50) and Pink Millie Sunglasses (£12.50)





Luiza tropical floral evening dress  (£78) Luiza sequin dress (£66) Both Arriving soon!


Olive Bali tile dress (£63.50) and Anna Beaded Necklace (£3) Darcy orange plain Dress (£64) and Yellow Garden Rose Hair Clip (£9.50) Dresses arriving soon!

Shoes and other accessories – Models own.


My Generation will feature an exclusive Q+A with Michael Caine broadcast live Only in Cinemas March 14 – so don’t miss out! The documentary will also be out in cinemas nationwide from the 14th. For more information about My Generation and to book tickets please visit www.MyGenerationMovie.co.uk

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