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Raise Your 1950s Brow Game

While the red lip of the 1950s was the most iconic makeup look, eyebrow shape was no less important.

Eyebrow shape, though inspired by the starlets of the silver screen in Hollywood, was largely determined by face shape. Whether you were after Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe’s eyebrows, you had to pay close attention to which immaculately-shaped eyebrows would suit your individual face shape best or risk throwing off your whole look! 

While the makeup rules aren’t as strict nowadays, most make up artists will give you the same kind of advice about considering your face shape and therefore the shape of eyebrow that would suit you best!


Those with a square face shape could try a curved brow that peaks in the middle of the eyebrow. The peak in the middle of the eyebrow draws the eye upwards which gives the appearance of elongating the face.  

Square face eyebrow

Oval faces are able to take a straighter shaped brow. Oval faces can use the eyebrow to widen the appearance of the eyes. Try drawing eyebrows that arch towards the side of the face to make the most of the eye’s natural shape.

Oval face eyebrow

Makeup artists recommend that gently curved brows suit rounder faces. By following the natural arch of the eyebrow to frame the eye, you can highlight the shape of the eye without widening the appearance of the face.

Round face eyebrow

Almond Shaped Eyes
No matter what your face shape, if you have almond shaped eyes, you can draw your eyebrows upwards and away from the eye so as not to close off the shape of the eye. Drawing on a straight eyebrow or one that doesn’t follow the natural shape of your eyes will cause your eyes to appear smaller instead of opening the face.

Almond face eyebrow

The thickness of your eyebrows also requires attention! Though eyebrows have been through many trends between the 1950s and the present day, the thicker brow is just as popular now as it was then.

Fuller eyebrows complemented the bold makeup styles of the 1950s and work just as well with modern day makeup trends, so if you want to get this look, make sure not to over pluck when shaping your brows and create some drama!

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