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Our Top 1950s Style Tips

Women of the 1950s were always being told how to act and how to dress. While much of the advice was well-meaning, it certainly wouldn’t suit women in today’s society, however much they’re a fan of vintage clothing!

If you’re looking for some authentic 1950s style tips that leave outdated suggestions firmly in the past, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Collectif, we pride ourselves on being able to spot the 1950s style tips that still ring true today to help you polish your 1950s look for the modern age.

Here’s a few of our favourite style tips, taken straight from the 1950s but given a little modern dusting down…

Clear Your Wardrobe

Vintage Wardrobe

In the 1950s, women were expected to be disciplined in keeping their wardrobes up to date and not leaving worn clothes to linger. While we prefer to take a more relaxed approach to what you keep in your vintage wardrobe (do whatever makes you feel good!), we agree that there’s nothing like a good clear out to make sure that you’re wearing the best clothes from the bunch. Why not take a look in your wardrobe and think about removing anything that…

  • Isn’t comfortable (who’s got time to be uncomfortable in their clothing?)
  • Doesn’t suit your colouring or shape (you know what makes you feel your best, and if it doesn’t – ditch it!)
  • You’re holding onto out of sentiment alone 
  • Is faded or otherwise damaged beyond simple repair

No need to throw them out if they’re not damaged, arrange a clothes swap with friends and family or donate your clothing to a charity shop. If the clothes are in really good condition, you may even be able to sell them online!

Tend to Your Shoe Collection

Just the same as clothes, old shoes should be weeded out regularly. We’ll often have more shoes than we do outfits, as a shoe collection can transform one dress into several different looks!

However, a worn shoe is easily spotted and can spoil the whole effect of your outfit. Be ruthless with your shoes, and if they can’t be repaired, they’re uncomfortable, or they’re out of style, send them along to the charity shop along with your old clothing.

Pare Down Your Accessories


















Having a large collection of accessories is a must, we know. Part of creating an vintage inspired outfit is having all the right finishing touches, but at some point you may have to admit that you have too many accessories on the go.

In your wardrobe, you should aim to have a small selection of each kind of accessory. A few scarves, a selection of belts, gloves for different occasions and of course a variety of handbags to suit a multitude of outfits! Beyond that,  think about getting rid of any accessories that are showing wear or that you rarely use because they don’t quite suit your outfits.

No need to throw out accessories that you don’t think are quite in style, most vintage inspired accessories are timeless and will work with different outfits in your wardrobe!

Invest In Scarves

Vintage Scarves

Hailed as one of the most useful vintage accessories around, a neck scarf was essential for 1950s women. Scarves are simple, can be worn with almost every outfit in your wardrobe, and don’t have to break the bank to have a style impact!

A timeless accessory, scarves are one of the few groups of accessories that you don’t need to regularly weed out. Whether your scarf is a satin sash or a short chiffon number, you can guarantee a style statement when you wear one.

Stay tuned for more 1950s style tips from Collectif!

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