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Miss Victory Violet’s Spring Sneak Peeks!

Oh how I’m beginning to yearn for Spring! The blooming flowers, glistening greenery and springtime dresses. And of course, the promise of warmer temperatures in the Summer that follows!

The Collectif Clothing Spring/Summer Collection for 2017 is starting to trickle in to store and webshop alike, and I couldn’t be more excited. I first got to preview the samples wayyyyyy back in August last year and was blown away by the gorgeous colours and especially some of the florals! It seemed like an eternity to have to wait for them to be released but the months have rolled around and we have a lot to look forward to!

Today’s post serves as a sneaky preview of what’s to come. Be warned, it may cause hyperventilation and extreme cases of heart eyes!

Isn’t it a glorious image?! The left looks like a dress but is actually the Talis Plain Pinafore Top and Talis Plain Swing Skirt. It’s a really fun silhouette that’s perfect for hot summer days. What I love about the shape and placement of the cut outs is that there is absolutely no issues with still wearing a bra.

The dress on the right has me seriously swooning. It’s like Collectif Designer Julia probed my brain and created my perfect dress. The Chloe Candy Gingham Swing Dress is all kinds of adorable and how about that colour combo of pastel pink, lilac and blue? And the ruffle along the bustline? UGH! Too good.

So now that I’ve got you warmed up and hopefully thoroughly looking forward to all that Collectif has in store for us, let’s take a look at some other Spring/Summer 17’ pieces that you don’t have to wait so long for! In fact, a couple are already available!

Spring is such a lovely time of the year but the weather can still be hit and miss. I find myself wishing so hard for the sun and warmth of Summer that I can tend to go out without really taking into consideration the cooler temperatures or sudden changes in weather. That’s why having some light layers is really important!I put together this combination to demonstrate how you can use layering effectively in springtime.

The Dolores Top and Jasmine Scenic Mountain Border Print Skirt are beautifully fresh together and I love the inclusion of the cherry blossoms in the print of the skirt- something I always look forward to gazing at in the Spring!

Because of my love for the cherry blossoms, I decided to highlight the pink in the skirt via my accessories. So I added my favourite pink heels (from B.A.I.T Footwear), vintage pink gloves and a pink hair comb from Shazam Pinup Flowers .

As an extra layer, I’ve added the Ellie Plain Cropped Jacket which is the same blue of the Dolores. While it doesn’t provide much extra warmth to your arms, it covers your chest and back which I find makes all the difference- especially if it’s just that little bit too chilly for the Dolores or the wind is brisk. As someone who always prefers to have my waist cinched in, I’ve typically steered clear of these more 60s styled cropped jackets but I actually really love the look! The jacket stops at the perfect point between my bust and waist without covering up the waist too much and meaning I feel like I still have some definition there. I feel very Jackie O!

Finally, sometimes you do just need a proper coat to see you through those transition months but you don’t need a big heavy one. The Korrina Swing Trench (which will also be coming in Navy) is the perfect light coat. The beige colour works wonderfully when pairing with the light spring/summer tones and is neutral enough to work with almost anything! I bought a previous style that was very similar from Collectif in 2015 and it has truly been a wardrobe staple.

The Dolores Top and Ellie Cropped Jacket are already in stock with the Jasmine Skirt and Korrina Trench expected to land by the end of February. For those of you that are looking for size advice, I’m wearing all my usual sizes – The Dolores and Korrina are both a size 10, the Jasmine Skirt is a size 8 and the Ellie Jacket is a 12.

Collectif have just uploaded the full lookbook so take a peek if you want to see more of what’s to come.

Putting together this outfit made me even more excited for the warm weather and longer sunshine hours. One of the things I’m looking forward to the most is going for picnics at the river down the road from us – what are you looking forward to about the upcoming Spring and Summer months?

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