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Miss Victory Violet’s NYE tips!


I’m going to admit something to you, dear reader. New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that I’m a little ‘so-so’ about. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some really great NYE  nights but I find the  less I hype it up, the more fun I have. This means that (unlike Christmas), I try NOT to get overly excited and allow the night to unravel it’s offerings on it’s own.

But you know what never fails to get me excited? Dressing up, especially if there’s an excuse to break out the glam pieces in my wardrobe that don’t get nearly enough of the wear they deserve.

Now if you dress pinup, you’ll know what I mean when I say that to the general public we are always overdressed, even in what we deem ‘casual’. However, New Years Eve is one of these occasions, where you might not feel quite so conspicuous. I feel like if there’s going to be one night where everyone universally knows that you can go over-the-top glam, it’s December 31st!

So what are my top Collectif picks for welcoming in 2017? I decided to have a bit of fun and style one of Collectif Clothing’s true statement items, The Morticia Fishtail Gown in two ways – ‘The Classic Pinup’ and ‘The Alternative Pinup’.

The Morticia is a very versatile piece and while it makes enough of a statement on it’s own, I do love accessorizing a item to really personalise it to my style.

The first way I choose to style the Morticia was with ‘The Classic Pinup’ in mind. This is my go-to for a evening out, pretty much add as many sparkly jewels as I possibly can! Fake diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.

The sheer neckline lends itself well to adding a statement necklace over the top but you could also opt for a brooch (I’d recommend using a MagnaPin to avoid damaging the material). For a bit of extra glamour (and warmth!) I also added the Lillian Faux FurCape in Black.                                                                      

Full Outfit Details

Cape | Collectif Lillian Faux Fur Cape Earrings | Collectif Pearl Diamante Drop 

Shoes| Lulu Hun Claire High Heel Bangles| Splendette Necklace | Unbranded (similar here)

Classic vintage hair, red lips, false eyelashes and a drawn on beauty spot, I’m channeling my inner silver screen goddess crossed with modern day beauty Dita Von Teese.

Here are my other top picks from Collectif Clothing for a classically pinup New Years Eve. Its full of shine, glamour and luxurious fabrics!

1. Bella Occasion Swing Skirt, 2. Atomic Martini Brooch, 3. Juliette Jacquard Pencil Dress, 4. Belle Rose Brocade Bolero5. Claire High Heel,6. Winifred Fishtail Skirt, 7. Lillian Faux Fur Cape, 8. Atomic Starburst Charm Necklace, 9.Narrow Glitter Bangle10. Celina Velvet Top


For ‘The Alternative Pinup’ take on the dress, I really had to think outside of my usual style comfort zone. I took inspiration from Collectif designer Julia who always rocks the alternative sass. Firstly, I decided that I would give the ‘harness’ trend a try! Considering the sheer details at the chest and sweetheart shape of the bust, I thought it would look great to have the added detail underneath and a harness is a simple way to do that.

Instead of belt, I felt like a corset worn over the top, enhancing the curves of the dress would really make a statement.

I decided to keep the rest of the accessories to a minimum and instead add a bit of extra drama to my hair and makeup. With the detail and higher neckline featured, I felt like having my hair swept up into a high bun would work best. This style is simple and easy to do and you can pick up a hair donut for a couple of pounds at the most. And to emphasize my take on the alternative, I applied a dark red lipstick.

                                                                                                                Full Outfit Details

    Harness | Boohoo Laura Strappy Body Harness Corset | Orchard Corset CS-426

Shoes | Lulu Hun Claire High Heel

If you identify with the more edgy side of of the pinup world, then here’s some more offerings from Collectif Clothing! As you can see it’s a lot of black and faux leather but you’re sure to feel like a badass babe this NYE in one of these outfits.

1. Outlaw Vegas Biker Jacket, 2. Wide Fakelite Bangle, 3. Nomi Vegas Trousers, 4. Viola Top, 5. Diamante Spider Brooch, 6. Wednesday Skater Dress,7. Seamed Lace Foot Stockings, 8. Hachiko High Heel,9. Ursula Leopard Velvet Top, 10. Ashleeta Sheer Swing Dress

So are you Classic, Alternative or somewhere in between? Whatever your aesthetic, go forth with your sparkles or your leather and welcome in the New Year with style. Toast to love,confidence, kindness and friendships and here’s to 2017!

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