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How To Decorate Your Home For the Perfect Vintage Christmas

December is nearly here and it’ll soon be time to put up your Christmas decorations! We love finding little vintage twists we can add to our homes as well as our wardrobes, so we thought it’d be fun to show you a few ways you can invite in the vintage Christmas spirit this season through your Christmas decorations!

There’s always room to put a modern twist on these vintage decorating ideas, so soak up some inspiration before you start decorating this year! We can’t wait to see how you transform your home for the holidays.

Paper Decorations

Vintage Christmas decorations were often homemade, so it was common to see paper decorations hanging around a vintage home! There are a huge range of different paper decorations you can make yourself at home, from colourful paper chains to cut-out snowflakes, cardboard presents and more!

We suggest that you let your creative side loose and come up with something totally unique for your vintage inspired Christmas decorations – we’d love to see what you come up with!

Paper Christmas Snowflake

Glass Ornaments

From the 1940s through to the 1960s, tree ornaments were primarily made of glass. These ornaments were painted beautifully bright colours and often left some glass exposed so as to catch the light and create shimmering reflections around the room.

Designed in teardrop or ball shapes, some of these glass ornaments were called Shiny Brights – you can still find Shiny Brights for sale in many market places and a few dotted around your tree or hung from coloured thread in your window can really brighten up your Christmas decorating with a vintage twist!

1950s Glass Ornament

Christmas Postcards

Originally popular in the 1800s, postcard sized Christmas landscapes became popular again in the 1950s – whether you find your own vintage postcards or perhaps draw or paint some yourself, they’re perfect for hanging from door handles or perhaps connect a few via a colourful Christmas ribbon and hang them in the window!

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your postcard placement – long strings of ribbon or Christmas beads were most popular for hanging the postcards up, but perhaps you could make your own Christmas bunting using vintage postcards and pop a few modern day decorations or Shiny Brights on your string too!

Christmas Postcard

Christmas Villages

A tradition hailing from the US, it was popular to create a Christmas village or nativity scene at the base of your Christmas tree. Nowadays, there are Christmas villages aplenty ready to invite into your home, whether you prefer a paper Christmas village or a set of collectable ornaments for under the tree, on top of the fireplace or anywhere you choose!

The joy comes from expanding your collection each year, so Christmas villages can actually make a perfect gift for a vintage lover looking to start their collection this year!

Christmas Village

Look The Part

Of course, one of the easiest ways to inspire the feeling of a vintage Christmas in your home is to simply look the part! We have a fantastic selection of festive fashions in our Festive Favourites collection to help invite the vintage Christmas spirit into your wardrobe as well as your home.


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