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Behind the scenes with Collectif

Yes that’s right you lovely lot, we are taking you behind the scenes on a Collectif photoshoot! We even had glitter and a surprise guest!

Check out our behind the scenes video! Cute outfits, a tad of romance and some glitter. What more could you want?



So, after arriving at the shoot location, we arranged the clothing into who was wearing what. Which was super fun (as then you can see all the cute outfits)! Then our lovely models started to arrive.

On this particular shoot we had Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, Vanessa Vanderpuye, Georgia Hurn and Egle Standtaite. 😉 Between these lovely ladies, we have Bloggers, YouTubers, Lingerie models, Presenters and even an actress, we could go on. No really, we could!

This was the first time we’ve had four models on a shoot so this was very exciting, and a lot of fun creating a Collectif Girl Gang!










There’s always time for a Boomerang! Behind the scenes fun… 🙂









We just loved that each model had such different looks and styles so we really kept this in mind when dressing the models.

As you can see Georgia’s hair and tattoos really stand out when wearing black so we thought this was the perfect dress to show this off! Vanessa is looking stunning in the Akiko Maxi Dress, the shimmering green colour is gorgeous on her skin tone and I’ll think you’ll agree she looks very Hollywood Glam. Egle is looking equally beautiful in the Christelle Coat which is great for her classic look. We kept Jessica’s look very classic 1950’s vintage which we think you’ll agree she looks fab!









We had so much fun with taking some cute shots, we thought the cats ears and accessories worked purrrfeclty!


I know you are thinking, who is the mystery guest? OK! Here’s the story…on the shoot one of our designers thought it would be super fun to ask Claudia (Jessica’s wife) who accompanied her on the shoot to jump in front of the camera rather than behind it. So we found a dress popped her in hair and make up and started snapping.  Of course we pictured the two of them together, we couldn’t resist.

The photos we got are beautiful so we think this was a job well done.









And if that’s not enough, Jessica and Claudia made their own behind the scenes video! Which is a little peek at how they found shooting with us, Jessica’s look and an action shot of the glitter bomb madness (which is really fun).

Click here to see Jessica and Claudia’s behind the scenes video.


And that’s a wrap! We had so much fun on this shoot! And we hoped you like reading about it.


Thank you to all the models, photographer and staff who worked on the shoot. It was super special.


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