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This week we meet Melissa, our wonderful social media and marketing assistant.

Hi Melissa, thanks for joining us this week! We’d love to know more about you, so tell us how long you’ve worked at Collectif, and what you do

Hi, thanks for having me! I’ve been at Collectif since February 2018 and I oversee our social media channels, choosing the content that we post and organising the season’s collaborations with our amazing influencers!

Your style is fabulous – tell us about your look and how it’s developed over the years
Thank you! My style is a mixture of different Harajuku street fashions which I discovered around the age of 14. I started watching anime and reading manga and my favourite series at the time (and still is today) was Death Note. A character in the show was drawn wearing fashion inspired by Harajuku street fashion which was a combination of gothic, punk & lolita fashion.
It was similar to the emo fashion that I was already wearing at the time but had a unique Harajuku twist. I read more into it and bought my first Japanese fashion magazine and tried to incorporate this into my wardrobe. Back then it was very hard getting items shipped to the UK from Japan, so it took a lot of saving and collecting second hand pieces over the years.

There are hundreds of substyles and I have tried many of them as my taste changed a lot since then. I remember my wardrobe slowly becoming overtaken by pink as the years went on! Currently I would say the two styles I mostly wear are sweet lolita – inspired by French rococo and Victorian era mixed with kawaii elements – and Larme Kei which is a girly style with an elegant, mature or vintage vibe.

Tell us about your top picks from the Collectif Spring ‘20 season so far,  and how you’ll be styling them

My favourite item from this season has to be the Jennifer knitted top in pink! It’s sadly sold out in this colour but we have an amazing navy version from our Collectif loves Top Vintage collaboration. 

It’s very soft, versatile and I’m a sucker for anything with a bow on – plus it’s pink! It looks great combined with sweet lolita and larme styles.

My second pick is the Dolores strawberry top which I combined with a skirt I found second hand on Depop and paired with a pink underskirt. Plus I added the Collectif Rosie nylon head scarf in pink to make a super cute hair bow. This top is great for creating lots of summer looks!

My third pick is the Josie floral occasion swing dress. I’m a huge fan of fantasy fiction and I feel like an elf/fairy in this dress!

Here are some pieces on my wardrobe wish list – being a petite 4ft 9” I tend to go for our amazing shorter styles!

Lolisa doll dress, Chrissie block heel, Gloria belt, Dotty nylon headscarf

Sasha plain top, Dakota swing skirt, Strawberry treat earrings, Lydia gingham strawberry bag

Do you have one Collectif piece that really means something to you?
Yes! I remember I booked my birthday off a few years before I started working for Collectif and went to Brighton with my Mum for the day. We visited Collectif and loved the Mini Dolores Doll 50s Car Dress (also great for shorties) and next to it was the Kitty 50s Car Swing Dress in the same print.

My Mum also liked the design but she said it was only for someone of my age. I love encouraging people to wear the things they really love or try new styles regardless of your age. So I convinced her to try it and we both walked out of the shop with our matching print dresses.
Here is a photo of us wearing our dress on VE day 2020!

Apart from work, what have you been doing at home to entertain yourself and your family? 

I’ve been cooking a lot of meals that take a longer time to prep which I’ve really been enjoying. I follow Maangchi on YouTube who teaches you how to create Korean dishes at home! I live in Essex so Asian cuisine around here is very limited and I am missing all the food in central London!
I’ve also been catching up on all my many books I need to get through.

Finally tell us something fun about you!

I’m terrible at thinking of an answer for these kinds of questions! So I’ll just say – I’m a crazy cat lady and my entire phone is just filled with selfies and pictures of my cat! (Spot the cat paws in the photo above.)

Thank you for letting us into your wonderful world Melissa! We love your style and the way you style your Collectif pieces.

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