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In this week’s At Home With blog we meet Saria Giobbe, Collectif designer and Head of Design for Lulu Hun
Saria gives us an insight into her creative process, her musical influences and of course, what she’s wearing at home right now.

Tell us about the current SS20 Lulu Hun collection, what were you inspired by?

I was in LA before starting the Spring / Summer collection and this particular trip really inspired me. Visiting places like Malibu, the desert, tropical gardens and Venice Beach, sailing on the ocean, enjoying music at Whisky a Go Go, watching old Hollywood movies – all of these experiences fed into the designs. My travels are a great source of inspiration for all of my collections.

We’ve all been at home for a while now, what have you been doing to stay motivated?

In one word I would say “Love”. Do the things you love and motivation comes with it! I also practice 50 minutes of yoga everyday, it really helps me to relax and concentrate, as I am a little hyperactive at times!

How do you keep your creativity flowing?

Everything I do both at work and after work is mainly creative. I try to fuel this energy constantly every day. There is no “I was not inspired today”. When creativity is your job, you are trained to have ideas. Of course some days your ideas can be better than others, but the main point for me is not having excuses and to always try!

Have you developed any surprising pastimes while at home? And how do you relax, generally?

After work I paint, compose music, make sculptures and take care of my plants. I am a very curious person and I try to study new things. Recently I have been fascinated by medicinal plants and constellations. For example, did you know that if you mix the ferula communis plant with wine you can create a remedy for a snake bite? So if a snake bites you, my advice is to have a glass of wine…cheers!!!

You’re very musical. How does your music inspire your style?

As a teenager I used to play in bands and I wanted my stage outfits to be different from the mainstream, so I started designing my own clothing and looks. My style was a reflection of the music I was performing. The music I listen to and the way I dress are part of the same process, of who I am and what I do.

Would you say this influences your designs for Lulu Hun and Collectif? 
Yes. I would say in two ways. There are pieces where you can clearly see the musical inspiration, for example the Lucy Bebop cardigan, the Nashville t-shirt, or the Enora jumpsuit (coming in June!) that I am wearing now which reminds me of the keys of the piano. In a broader sense, I believe that designs should be like good music; timeless, made to last, and not subject to temporary trends.

We love your house! What are your design influences? 
Thanks. I live in a converted warehouse in south London. I moved in two years ago with my partner as we were looking for a bigger space to use for art and music, and the house really reflects our way of life. Most of the furniture is vintage and up-cyled by me. The piano is 100 years old, I have a few wardrobes from the 40s and a lovely telephone bench from the 60s. I wanted to create a space for us that was in between a nightclub and a jungle. I named this style ‘Tropical Opulence’.

We love it! With this in mind, would you share your Top 5 pieces from the current collection that are good for wearing at home?

1 Sabine Phoenix kimono
2 Nashville t-shirt
3 Jill oranges swing dress
4 Grace cactusland sneakers
5 Mimma mini cherries top

Finally, is there a particular Collectif item that you’re really attached to?

One of my favourites is the red dress in the photo below. I wore this dress to so many gigs when I lived in Italy, but only found out it was Collectif when I moved to London and was already working for the company. I took it as a really good sign!

Thank you Saria for showing us your Tropically Opulent home and giving us an insight into your design process and your picks from the current collection. What a treat! 

Saria Wears:

IMAGE 2: Bonnie Plain trousers /Vivian Twist Top /Heartbreaker Heels
IMAGE 5,6,10:  Sabine Phoenix Kimono 
IMAGE 7:  Arizona T-shirt – Monroe Jeans 
IMAGE 8: Enora Jumpsuit/ Ella Boots

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