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Vintage Necklaces

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One of our go-to pieces of jewellery when we’re looking to spruce up a vintage outfit, a necklace is the perfect way to bring a little more 1940s or 1950s inspiration to your outfit in a subtle yet effective way.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic beaded necklace or you’re looking for a classic necklace with vintage motifs aplenty, we’ve got everything you’ll need to create your style statement using one of our favourite pieces of jewellery; the necklace.

Why We Love Vintage Beads

Strings of beads were one of the style staples for vintage ladies looking for simple yet effective jewellery. We love vintage beads because of their versatility when it comes to vintage style. Choose from a huge range of designs, from pearl effect to matte beads, and simply add to an outfit of a contrasting colour to make a style statement with just a simple beaded necklace.

Vintage Motif Necklaces

Our necklaces are designed to be instantly recognisable as vintage inspired pieces. Each necklace is designed with pendants inspired by classically vintage motifs such as cherries, swallows, bows and nautical themed embellishments. For more vintage inspired jewellery, take a peek at our vintage earrings and brooches & pins, part of our full collection of vintage accessories at Collectif.